Amber Sanders

A: Design inspiration can be found all around you. It could be in as obvious of a place as HGTV, showrooms or magazines. It could be as abstract as the color and shapes in a piece of artwork you fell in love with at a museum. The key is to open your mind and try to think in a different way…that is where you find the most impactful inspiration.

A: Since home renovations are intimate experiences, my initial goal is always to create a certain level of comfort with my clients so I can truly get to know their taste and vision.

A: I’ve always been drawn to ways I could express my creativity, and at age 15 I discovered my passion for architecture. I believe interior design marries these subjects perfectly. When I began design school I felt very much at home, and I quickly found that I enjoyed collaborating with others to create environments that improve the quality of life for people both aesthetically and functionally.

Lenny Rodriguez